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Spring has arrived late and with its arrival comes the yearly rounds of transitional sicknesses. Every year, people tend to get sick during the change from winter to spring. Here is the take on it from an acupuncture perspective.

Depending on the school-of-thought, the Wood phase corresponds with the Spring as well as wei qi (qi section), the immune system. More, the Wood phase is also responsible for the phenomena of wind. With these factors, you have a few things involved:

  1. The body is susceptible to “Cold Wind Invasions” i.e. the Common cold
  2. Those with Wood disharmonies (Deficiencies or Stagnations) are more prone to a compromise in the system
  3. Plants are blooming and with a compromised Wood system, allows the body to be vulnerable to aversion (e.g. Spring Allergies), this could also be a weakness in the Metal phases incapable of inhibiting the Wood phase properly

Here are some of the Wood phase’s responsibilities:

Wood function:
Immune system
Judgment/Decision making
Liver functions
Healthy movement of the body

Wood dysfunctions:
Compromised immune system
Tremors (but not Parkinson’s)
Muscle twitches/cramps
Lack of judgment (What’s the first thing that goes when someone gets drunk?)
Too judgmental
Deterioration of sight
Prostrate issues
Erectile dysfunction

Through clinical experience, most Americans, especially white men 40-years old or older, have issues in the Wood phase. This typically presents itself in middle to late-aged men with flushed faces, the typical “Liver Fire/Yang Rising”. Theoretically, this occurrence is caused from a lack of Kidney energy grounding its child, the pissed off Liver. Usually Livery folks are pissed off.

Lay off of Mr. Cup of Joe
Restrict alcohol consumption
Easy on the sweets (it’s an addiction)
Save the decadent table dancing for the Summer
Deep breaths outside but continue to rock a cap or headwear

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