The mission

The mission is basic: make acupuncture simple.

Ever since the introduction of acupuncture to Europe and the Americas, its theory and practice has been inaccessible. Lost in esoteric jargon, the information related to acupuncture sounds like a storyline from a manga comic. Intended or not, most practitioners make little to no effort in actually educating patients about what is going on with their bodies.

It is time to take a stand.

This site’s priority is to empower you the patient. Overtime, United Acupuncture will compile a database of accessible and up-to-date information through the blog from posted video and live feeds through Google Hangout, and an ongoing collection of theories under Chinese Medicine Simplified. Since this is a platform for patients, students, and practitioners alike, please feel free to ask questions or open the discussion on issues pertaining to perspectives in the acupuncture world.

One thought on “The mission

  1. As is evident from acupuncture therapy history, there are many benefits of acupuncture in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. The benefits available through acupuncture therapy, however, are dependent on the training of the acupuncturist. Anyone considering acupuncture therapy should make sure the practitioner they seek treatment from is a licensed acupuncture therapist who is certified in treating medical conditions using this type of therapy.

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